Saturday, April 5, 2014

Refresh Conference

A few weekends ago, we had the opportunity to do some live painting during the Valley Forge Youth Studies "Refresh" series. It was such a great time! It was held at the new Conference Center at Valley Forge and had the musical talents of Trevor Gordon Hall and  Claude Valdes was the speaker. He brought a wonderful word and gave great tips and reminders to youth leaders and pastors on the importance of investing in students and not focusing on numbers, but on the growth and development of each kid in the youth group!
Jessica and I had a wonderful time creating several pieces that sold right away, and we were able to even set up the booth and make a little extra money to donate to Project Rescue! We are so thankful for this time we got to share our talents and Inspire's heart about Project Rescue and helping victims of human trafficking. God is so good, always faithful! We just want to thank Valley Forge's Youth Studies Department and Phil Baker for having us. We were so blessed to be a part!
The Booth!
Painting the Refresh Painting 
"The Word of the Lord is living and breathing, filled with color and life!"
A special time of prayer and music was had for Dr. Hall, as his son Trevor played beautiful songs on his guitar. We were so blessed to be a part of such a special moment. We gave our final painting of a willow tree to Dr. Hall as a get-well-soon present and had the youth department volunteers, the speaker, and Professor Baker sign the back frame. It was so special! 
Live Painting

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