Who We Are

Hello Everyone!
If you've never heard of Inspire and would like to know more, keep reading!
Currently, Inspire is a student-lead ministry team at Valley Forge Christian College that partners with Project Rescue. 

This year, we would like to introduce ourselves as the new leaders of Inspire! We are Jessica, Tori, and Natalie and we are all Juniors at VFCC. Aubrey and Courtney are the founders of Inspire and have given us the great and wondrous task of carrying on the work this ministry does.

Vision Statement: Ending sex trafficking by the use of creative arts.

Mission Statement: Inspire India is a two-fold ministry that raises funds for organizations that bring salvation for girls enslaved in human trafficking by selling creative works of art. Secondly, we provide a creative outlet for artists to give their gifts and talents to God’s kingdom.

  • ·      Holistic restoration for women enslaved in Human Trafficking through the Gospel
  • ·      Treating artists with respect and building their morale
  • ·      Providing a Christ-centered approach to art and an outlet for faith-based artists
  • ·      Recognizing the Holy Spirit’s work through the Arts
  • ·      Raising awareness about the sex trafficking industry
  • ·      Building a healthy network of Churches, organizations and Artists who feel a mutual call to end Human Trafficking
Below, you can learn a little bit more about our ministry and about Courtney and Aubrey!

Hello everyone! Nice to meet you :) We're Courtney and Aubrey! 
We love Jesus, we love art, and we love doing what we can to stop sex trafficking in India. Here are a few pictures that give a small taste of who we are :) We hope you enjoy!
 (Photo Credit to the incredible Autumn Skye Granger)

Courtney and Aubrey are recent graduates of VFCC (2013) and have both gotten married this past summer! We are so happy for them and cannot wait to see the work God does in their lives and in this ministry.