Tuesday, June 22, 2010

About the Project

Recently, I picked up a book that was lying on a table at home. As I began flipping through the pages, the content caught my attention…and then captured my heart. I read of young women from India who have been abandoned, beaten, and scarred. Previously, when I thought of India, images would flash through my mind of gorgeous architecture and beautifully adorned woman dressed in bright colors. However, while reading “Beyond the Soiled Curtain” by David and Beth Grant, an underlying ugliness emerged.

I learn that women and young girls, from as young as four years of age, are sold into the sex slave industry, one of the most vile and horrific lifestyles imaginable. The sex slave industry is the world’s fastest growing and most profitable criminal activity. In India alone, approximately 2.3 million woman and children are held captive. I read names of young girls who live with rape numerous times each day. Suddenly, the stories aren’t just stories anymore. These are real girls who are forced into submission by whatever means necessary. Physical pain is inflicted along with emotional scars that run so deep.

As I continue to read, I realize that not all is lost. For example, Project Rescue is working hard to provide an alternative for these young women. Taking on the burden of Christ, they bring hope, love, care and shelter to many of the victims of the sex slave industry. In an effort to “rescue, restore, and prevent”, Project Rescue’s holistic view is to restore to these girls their dignity, safety, self-worth, and all of the other areas of their personhood that they lost.

Finishing the book, I struggle with what to do. Thousands of miles from these precious souls, how can I possibly help?. Talking through the problem with my Mom and close friend, Aubrey Short, our hearts mutually break for the victims and our minds furiously seek a solution. We are passionate to raise awareness and funds for Project Rescue.

Here is our plan: we would like to build an inventory of paintings, drawings, photography, watercolor, 3D art, collages, etc. to sell using eBay and various venues. Participants would provide works of art for sale that will begin in early September 2010. Let’s dream big! $90,000 will build a “Home of Hope” that houses these sex slave victims since they don’t have anywhere to go. All proceeds will be sent directly to projects like that of Project Rescue and homes of hope in India.

If you are interested in participating, please call 610-937-6351 or e-mail me at cmmortensen@vfcc.edu and I can let you know where to send your art!

Thank you so much! With your help, we can address this unimaginable hurt and make a difference in these women’s lives!

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